Hi guys, I wanted to share my London trip with you all..I didn’t really plan to write a blog post but I did take a few photos so I thought..why not?! I went to London what seems like ages ago but it was just last week and I gotta say I fell in love with … Continue reading London


Hi guys, I am back with an #ootd..finally. It was so cold today but since it was going to be dry I decided to go out and shoot an outfit for you guys. The outfit features some #newin items which I am in LOVE with! I will have a London travel blog up soon but … Continue reading 06/12/15

Online Store

Hi guys, Since I last posted I’ve been to London (Look out for my blog post soon) and now I have started online store for my pre-loved items of clothing, shoes and accessories. I won’t be selling anything that I don’t think is of good quality. I have started this because I have always wanted … Continue reading Online Store


Hi guys, A second post?! I know right..I must be going crazy here.. I wanted to share my photography with you. I have been taking more photos recently..for work as well as just for myself. With my iPhone and with a DSLR.. It’s something I’ve always loved doing and I hope you enjoy them. Let … Continue reading Photographs

H & M

Hi guys, It’s been a while.. Seems like it always takes me ages before I write another blog post.. Just so much going on at work but I have a nice little post for you…I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title.. It’s all to do with H&M! H&M is happy to announce that Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan … Continue reading H & M